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A woman's psychology, biology andlife are unique and the foundation ofher mental health and wellbeing.
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Services Provided

If there is a specific issue or problem you are facing and you are looking for individualized feedback, but are not sure that treatment or "therapy" is needed, scheduling an appointment for a initial consultation is sometimes a good option. Although there is so much good information available through the internet, there are times when a personalized discussion can be helpful. One goal of a consultation will be to outline your best course of action going forward.

Consultations can take one to three appointments.  


Once treatment is started, the process of therapy starts with a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation. This will involve questions about your history as well as questions about the problems you are experiencing now. Following the intial evaluation (which may take anywhere from one to three sesssions), we will discuss your personalized plan of treatment. Part of developing this plan will include discussing your personal goals, or what you hope to gain from this process. The exact nature of Individual therapy will be different from person to person, as it is tailored to meet each woman's individual needs.

Individual therapy at Women's Wellbeing is founded in cognitive-behavioral approaches which have been shown by research to be effective with many psychological and behavioral issues. Cognitive-behavioral treatment involves a primary focus on the issues or problems occurring at the present time, and involves active participation between the psychologist and client. Sometimes past events and childhood issues may be discussed, but with the goal of helping to understand the current problem and to assist progress towards the goal.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy begins with identifying the problem and your goals as clearly as possible. We will discuss the various "causes" or factors relevant to the problem, which will include the role of your own thoughts, beliefs and behaviors as they relate to the issue we are discussing. Although there are many kinds of cognitive behavioral approaches, treatment will always include understanding where alterations in your thoughts, beliefs and behaviors can be made to to alleviate any distress you are feeling.
Often 'homework' will be given in between sessions to help work towards the goals you have set. Homework can include anything from reading to practicing something we discussed during an appointment.   

Generally appointments will occur weekly at the beginning of treatment, and often decrease in frequency over time. However, there is no predetermined course for your treatment as different issues will take different amounts of time to see improvement. Please note, if time or scheduling is an issue for you, we can discuss decreasing the frequency of appointments at any time, or whether phone appointments may be an option at some points during treatment.