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A woman's psychology, biology andlife are unique and the foundation ofher mental health and wellbeing.
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About Us

Women's Wellbeing Coaching & Counseling is a private psychological practice located in Worcester, MA. The practice was established by licensed psychologist Kate McGonagle PsyD to offer women personalized, quality services that are both practical and effective. 

Dr. McGonagle has been committed to using approaches that have been shown by research to help improve problems women commonly experience. Treatment is based in the understanding that women's needs are unique and influenced by specific psychological and biological factors, as well as stressors unique to modern day living. 

The philosophy at Women's Wellbeing Coaching & Counseling is that a woman's natural psychology and biology are the foundation of her mental health and wellbeing. These are supported as part of the treatment process with the goal of each woman living the highest quality of life possible.